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bulletChemical Guide
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bulletAbout.Com Chemical Engineering
bulletChemical Process Equipment Manufacturers
bulletChemistry Links
bulletTechnology and Engineering Sciences Tech Expo
bulletThe Chemical Industry Home Page


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bulletComputational Fluid Dynamics Online
bulletCorrosion Coatings & Linings Information Server
bulletPolymer Science & Technology

MSDS and Chemical Information

bulletCambridge Soft ChemFinder
bulletMSDS's and Safety Informations Resources on the Internet (Vermont SIRI)
bulletNIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
bulletNorth American Emergency Response Guidebook


bulletAmerican Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
bulletAIChE Local Sections
bulletAdhesive and Sealant Council
bulletAir and Waste Management Association
bulletAmerican Academy of Environmental Engineers
bulletAmerican Chemical Society
bulletAmerican National Standards Institute
bulletAmerican Society for Testing and Materials
bulletAmerican Society of Civil Engineers
bulletAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers
bulletAmerican Plastics Council
bulletAmerican Society of Safety Engineers
bulletAssociation of Consulting Chemists and Chemical   Engineers
bulletCanadian Chemical Producers Association
bulletChemical Abstracts
bulletChlorine Chemical Council
bulletChlorine Institute
bulletEuropean Chemical Industry Council
bulletInstitution of Chemical Engineers
bulletNational Association of Corrosion Engineers
bulletNational Paint & Coatings Association
bulletNational Society of Professional Engineers
bulletSynthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association