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Stephen M. Lattanzio, PE



Professional Engineer with over 20 years experience reviewing documents and developing cost-effective methods helping industry expand and become more productive while complying with environmental and safety regulations. Diverse background with strong computer and communication skills

Professional Experience

Besicorp Development LLC   2001 - Present

bulletSenior Project Engineer for a project to construct an integrated 505 MW Power Plant and a 330,000 FMTY Recycled Newsprint Facility
bulletResponsibilities include Newsprint Facility, Water treatment Plant , Remediation,  Building Demolition and Army Corp Issues

Lattanzio Engineering Services 1996 - Present


Process safety management related consulting services

bulletDeveloped and prepared 26 ‘As-built’ Piping and Instrument Diagrams
bulletDeveloped and labeled a chemical manufacturing process
bulletProvided process safety management training for plant personnel

Air permitting consulting services

bulletPrepared emission inventories
bulletPerformed short and long term modeling.
bulletPrepared permit applications including Title V and State Facility Permits
bulletIdentified federal and state applicable requirements
bulletPrepared and reviewed cap out plans
bulletDetermined the regulatory applicability and prepared air permits.
bulletDetermine the availability of emission credit

Environmental consulting Services

bulletPrepared Spill Prevention Report for 9 chemical storage tanks
bulletPrepared SPCC, ISCP and Pollution Prevention Plans for 9 Facilities
bulletDeveloped model SPCC, Hazardous waste management plans and spill contingency plans

Other Services

bulletDeveloped an electronic database of physical properties, exposure limits, toxicity information and regulatory information for over 5,000 chemicals
bulletInternet consulting services
bulletProvided technical support for litigation in an environmental damages case.

 Contract Engineer GE Silicones (GE AS / TRS Staffing & Day & Zimmerman) 1998 - 2001

bulletProject Leader for a 1.6 MM Automation Project 
bulletFacilitated PHA’S using HAZOP and Structured What-If methodologies of several chemical manufacturing processes.
bulletPerformed facility siting analyses of occupied buildings adjacent to chemical manufacturing processes, which included enhancing and streamlining existing procedure.
bulletProvided project engineering assistance on $4 MM rubber manufacturing process, including engineering redesign and troubleshooting.
bulletPrepared operating instructions for a Fisher-Rosemount Systems DeltaV process controlled mixing and packaging operation.

Entek Environmental & Technical Services, Inc. 1986 - 1995

Environmental Compliance Services - Provided environmental compliance services for a wide range of industrial clients. Selected projects included:
bulletPrepared a process safety management plan for a formaldehyde resin plant. This included process documentation, performing process hazard analysis, and reviewing emergency response and spill contingency plans.
bulletDeveloped procedures used for compliance assessment plans.
bulletProvided technical assistance and peer review for environmental site assessments.
bulletConducted environmental compliance audits.
bulletProvided regulatory assistance for design of a new chemical storage facility


Process Engineering Services - Duties included performing process engineering services for industrial clients. Projects included:
bulletDesigned a system to provide tertiary control on process emissions.
bulletPerformed process engineering calculations to verify filter efficiencies


Project Management Services - Project manager of environmental construction projects. Selected projects included:
bulletThrough client satisfaction, secured approximately 12 man-years of additional work for a building renovation project in a high rise destroyed by a fire in San Francisco.
bulletDry asbestos removal project in a high rise building in Brussels, Belgium.
bulletDeveloped a knowledge base for Clean Air Act Compliance projects including Process Safety Management Plans, Risk Management Plans Title V compliance, emission credit reductions, laboratory analysis, VOC and NOx RACT compliance, NSPS, PSD, NSR and NAAQS.


Technical Support Services - Created the Entek Survey Inventory Management System (SIMSTM) database software and the Entek laboratory information database. Provided testimony as an expert witness. Other projects included:
bulletDeveloped a computer model to evaluate costs of construction projects.
bulletDeveloped methodology to interpret extensive air data generated over several years.
bulletDetermined contamination levels in a building after a fire.


Contract engineer - General Electric, Waterford, NY and Schenectady, NY 1984-1985

Project Engineer for capital improvement projects.
bulletDuties included energy & material balances, selecting materials of construction, and performing life cycle cost analysis. Designed pressure relief system including terminal velocity determinations, silencer, and discharge piping for high pressure gas.f $10,000,000 production facility Cost analysis for a $6,000,000 plant expansion  Upgrade of a packed c

BASF Corporation, Holland, MI and Rensselaer, NY 1979 - 1983

Project engineer for capital improvement and maintenance projects to $500,000. Utilities Supervisor for all on-site plant utilities.

Selected projects included (1) Conversion of oil fired boilers to dual fuel firing and upgrade of boiler controls to increase boiler efficiency. (2) Upgrade two 5,000 gallon reactors and (3) Re-establishment of storm water sewer.

Selected Publications

bulletLattanzio, S.M., "Internet Holds Wealth of Environmental Data", Capital District Business Review, Volume 23, Number 21, September 1996.
bulletLattanzio, S.M., "Information Sources Can Help with the Clean Air Act Amendments" New York State Facilities Journal, Vol 3 No. 1 , December 1992.
bulletLattanzio, S.M., M.A. Lagasse, D.A. Zehnter, "Asbestos Survey and Assessments in Industrial Settings", ECON Volume 6 Issue 2, February 1991.
bulletLattanzio, S.M. and L.F. O'Reilly, "Replacement of Asbestos Containing Materials," Asbestos Abatement (March/April 1989).
bulletLattanzio, S.M. and D.A. Zehnter, "Industrial and Power Plant Surveys," presented at the Sixth Annual Asbestos Abatement Conference & Exposition, March 29-31, 1989